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Quite simply, being a MetricFitness subscriber is like having a living personal trainer standing right next to you during your entire workout, telling you what exercises to do… what weight to use… how many sets and reps to do… how long your rest intervals should be… and so much more.

This incredibly smart technology even monitors how you’re performing each exercise – so that your form and technique stay correct and help you avoid injury while getting the most benefit out of each move.

The fact is, today’s technology allows us to create interactive software in the form of this amazing app that’s the “next best thing” to having a real personal trainer – but at a fraction of the cost!

  • This multi-function fitness tracker actually records everything you do in the gym. It knows (because you program the data in advance) your weight, height, body type, and specific goals.
  • Then, using a fitness tracker that pairs with your phone, this app “watches” you as you work out. The app also graphs your progress – because “that which gets measured gets improved.”
  • In fact, upon your enrollment, our resident personal trainers take all your data and design a custom-made training program just for you. This is then sent over the cloud to your smartphone.

Each week, as part of your subscription service, all your data gets synched and sent to our in-house real personal trainers, who then analyze and assess your progress – making any changes necessary, and “pushing” new and more challenging workouts to your phone.

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